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We’re Isabelle (Volute) and Thomas (Ygwee), we’re two indie developers from France. We’ve made Mission in Space, Tinysasters, Lucas’s Quest, Demons vs Fairyland, This is not a minimalist game and other games.

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A Temple of Two Worlds

Posted on by Volute

So I participated in the Ludum Dare 30 this week-end. This is my 8th participation in a row! It’s always an awesome experience.

The theme was “Connected Worlds” and I really liked it. I made a game with a story again, because I love games with stories. You play as Pauline, an archeologist who is obsessed with a mysterious temple. After the intro, you’ll have to discover documents that will help you find some answers.

I did the jam this time, and 3 days were hardly enough! I was glad I could implement the full story with the 2 endings, add music, draw all the characters and significant elements. But I regret not having the time to add more visual details to make the different locations more lively.

You can play the game on Kongregate:

Play A Temple of Two Worlds

A Temple Of Two Worlds

I hope you’ll enjoy it :)

Demons vs Fairyland is live on the App Store!

Posted on by Volute

This is our first game to come to the App Store :)


You can find it here:

iPhone/iPod Touch version:
Download Demons vs Fairyland on the App Store

iPad version (Demons vs Fairyland HD):
Download Demons vs Fairyland HD on the App Store


This version has new features, improved graphics and gameplay experience, 3 new stages and a boss.



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