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Hello !
We’re Isabelle (Volute) and Thomas (Ygwee), we’re two indie developers from France. We’ve made Mission in Space, Tinysasters, Lucas’s Quest, Demons vs Fairyland, This is not a minimalist game and other games.

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Demons vs Fairyland is live on the App Store!

Posted on by Volute

This is our first game to come to the App Store :)


You can find it here:

iPhone/iPod Touch version:
Download Demons vs Fairyland on the App Store

iPad version (Demons vs Fairyland HD):
Download Demons vs Fairyland HD on the App Store


This version has new features, improved graphics and gameplay experience, 3 new stages and a boss.



Demons vs Fairyland coming to the App Store on May 15th!

Posted on by Volute

Finally, after months of development, Demons vs Fairyland is coming to the iPhone, iPod and iPad on May 15th!

This version will have new features : special spells and a gear system, as well as improved graphics and game experience. And 3 new missions with a boss!

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