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Hello !
We’re Isabelle (Volute) and Thomas (Ygwee), we’re two indie developers from France. We’ve made Mission in Space, Tinysasters, Lucas’s Quest, Demons vs Fairyland, This is not a minimalist game and other games. We love doing game jams and we’ve participated in the Indie Speed Run, two 7DRL and several Ludum Dare.

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Games page updated !

Posted on by Volute

We haven’t posted a lot of news lately. We’ve been very busy with the iOS port of Demons vs Fairyland (which is currently at the polish stage) and the various jams we’ve participated in.
The “Games” page of this website was very NOT up to date, so we took a few moments today to add the new games we’ve made.

Play this is not a minimalist game

This is not a minimalist game, a game I made in 48 hours for the Ludum Dare 26. The theme was “Minimalism”.


Play Super Plombier

Super Plombier, an experimental dialog based game we made for the Retro No Future contest. We haven’t translated it in english unfortunately.


Play 10 seconds to save the day

10 seconds to save the day, a adventure game that I made for the Ludum Dare 27. The theme was “10 seconds”.


The Exam

The Exam, a game we made in 48 hours for the Indie Speed Run 2013. We finished it yesterday. Our themes were “Procrastination” and “Couch”


You can find more details about these games on the “Games” page of the website.
We also updated our OneGameAMonth page with the new games. So far we have 7 games.


This is not a minimalist game

Posted on by Volute

On the week end of April 26th-29th, I participated in the Ludum Dare 26. For those who don’t know what it is, it’s a game development competition where you have to make a game from scratch in 48 hours.

The theme was “Minimalism”. Maybe a little too vague of a theme if you ask me : aren’t all the games made in such a short time minimalist by definition ? However, I came up with a game I like, and that’s what matters :)

Play This is not a minimalist game !


Here’s the page of the entry on the LD website.
You can also play on Kongregate !

I was thrilled to see that a lot people liked the game too ! The day after I posted it on Kongregate, it was on the “Hot new games” category, then featured with a badge. Now it has more than 230 000 plays there !


The game also got featured on Newgrounds, and a lot of prestigious websites reviewed or mentioned it.
Rock, Paper, Shotgun
PC Gamer

It also got tons of playthrough videos. The one by CinnamonToastKen really made me laugh !

I’m very happy so many people liked the game and talked about it. This is fantastic !


If you’re interested by how the development went, I published a post mortem on the LD blog :
This is not a minimalist game – postmortem

A lot of wonderful games were produced during this Ludum Dare. Here I talk about some of my favorites :
17 great games with the theme “Minimalism”



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